New Builders FAQ

New Builder Tables; $450

Who qualifies as a New Builder Table?

Any builder who has built less than 50 frames, or who has been in business two years or less.

What does $450 get you?

A skirted table, two chairs, a wastebasket and *new*this*year*, a 24 x 36 inch backdrop with your logo printed on it, as well as a pass to attend all seminars *except for the Carl Strong Business of Framebuilding Seminar. The backdrop will be provided by NAHBS and your logo will need to be emailed to and it will be waiting for you when you arrive to set up on Thursday, March 9th.

What can you display?

This year, you will be able to display 2 examples of your work. 1 frameset (frame and fork) and 1 complete bike. Please don’t bring 4 examples and try to switch them out daily. We have a low tolerance for such behavior.

How do you display them?

Typically, the bike or frame went on the table, now, the frame should be on the table and the bike should be in front of the table, in a stand, so it won’t be easily knocked over. You are to provide the stand. You’ll also need a way to display your frame to keep it from falling over on the table.

What else do I need to know?

No backdrops or additional table signage is able to be displayed. The New Builder Tables are away to get your feet wet at NAHBS while being part of a “level playing field” and no additional marketing tools are allowed. Business cards and a picture book and brochures are acceptable.

Is there any prize for Best New Builder?

Yes! The coveted title and trophy Best New Builder and the ability to “graduate” to a full sized booth at the next year’s show.