Site Registration – Posting information

After you have been approved and purchased your booth you will receive an email from NAHBS with your site registration information.  This email will provide you with links to the site, your username, and the ability to set your password.  Once you have accessed the site you will be capable of posting bikes and other products on the site.  The most active contributors to the site will be listed on the front page as featured contributors.

Once on the site we offer a new exhibitor guide, short and to the point. This guide provides instructions on creating/maintaining your profile information on the NAHBS website.  NAHBS understands that getting your information displayed on the site has been to difficult the past few years.  We have re-designed the system to make it much easier to get your information displayed on the site. Please read through this guide and use it to help verify and post your information.

If you have any problems with the site, please contact Jeff (our webmaster) at