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Best Road Bike – English Cycles

What is it about the bicycle? Something about the freedom and sheer joy of the supreme efficiency of the marriage of man and machine. Something about the zen of the meditative state during riding. The

Best Mountain Bike – Alchemy Bicycle Company

Alchemy Bicycle Company designs, engineers, and builds handmade bicycle frames with care, passion and full commitment to our products. Each frame is made by craftsmen dedicated to building perfectly-fit performance bicycles using carbon fiber and

Best Cross/Gravel Bike – Kent Eriksen Cycles

Kent started using titanium in 1991 following his revolutionary work fabricating frames out of steel. Forever the innovator, tester and designer, titanium use was a natural progression. Kent’s signature is his ability to shape, form

Best New Builder – Cryptic Cycles

Winner of the 2016 North American Hand Made Bike Show’s best new builder award.

Best Artisan Award – Dekerf Cycle Innovations

The original concept was to create a bike with beautiful flowing and connected lines while pushing the boundaries of what can be done with titanium. All the tubing is cold worked in house. It incorporates

Best Finish – Caletti Cycles

See more about Caletti Cycles here.

Best Tandem – Co-Motion Cycles

MACCHIATO DI2 RACE TANDEM Performance-hungry athletes seek out tight, accurate handling, proven components and a company they can believe in. We use proprietary ACMUltra7 zonally-butted 7005 aluminum tandem tubing, specifically engineered for the Macchiato. At