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David Kirk – thank you all.

Thank you all for making NAHBS 2017 possible and of course for recognizing the fruits of my labor. I hope to see you soon.  


The Icon PDX showcases CIRCA’s unique ability to laser etch permanent graphics into our anodized aluminum finishes. The CIRCA Icon PDX is a laser-etched celebration of all things Portland. The Icon PDX project started with the

Camino CS3

The Camino is the ultimate road bike that can take you further. Disc brakes plus room for 28mm tires and fenders makes this the perfect all-seasons, all-conditions ride. Hand-built and made to order of course, with custom

Métier Vélo Super622

The Métier Vélo Super622 features 3D printed titanium lugs paired with custom-designed, filament-wound carbon fiber tubes by Tim Crossman Composites exclusively for Métier Vélo. The geometry is based on the well-regarded Cannondale Super6 Evo with

Mocha 650b Tandem

With its ultra-rugged frame, fork and 650b wheels, the Mocha is equipped to take on extreme adventures. Getting away from vehicle traffic has never been easier or more fun. The Mocha’s stout frame and specially-built fork

Klatch Pinion

If you could choose one bike for your daily rides, weekend adventures, sport touring or gravel and cyclocross races; the Klatch would be on the short list. New for 2017 we are offering the incomparable

Connor Wood Bicycles – Fat Madness

The latest from Connor Wood Bicycles shows just how far you can take wood with this amazing fat bike.  4.8″ of tire require that the wood conform to some crazy bends.  Reinforcements with carbon fiber

Strong Frames – Custom Blend Steel Road Bike

A classic steel stage race bike. This one with Enve fork painted to match, Shimano Dura Ace, custom wheels and a Rtichey cockpit. See more pics of our road bikes here.

David Kirk Gothic fillet frame set –

I’m excited to show this one-off Gothic fillet frame set at the show this weekend. Stop by the booth and take a look….or if you can’t make it to the show please stop by my

Calfee Design – Sneak Peek

We are excited to present a few new models at NAHBS this year.  Come by our booth to see what we have on display (#421, 423, 425). Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.