NAHBS Award History

#12. 2016 – Sacramento

Best Road BikeEnglish Cycles
Best Mountain BikeAlchemy Bicycle Company
Best Cross/Gravel Bike: Kent Eriksen Cycles
Best New BuilderCryptic Cycles
Best Artisan AwardDekerf Cycle Innovations
Best FinishCaletti Cycles
Best TandemCo-Motion Cycles
Best City BikeBreadwinner Cycles
Best Track BikeSarto SRL
Best LayupArgonaut Cycles
Best Lugged FrameDinucci Cycles
Best Tig-Welded FrameKent Eriksen Cycles
Best Fillet FrameRex Cycles

#11. 2015 – Louisville

Working on this list

#10. 2014 – Charlotte, North Carolina

Best City or Utility Bike: Cykel Mageren
Best Road Bike: Kent Eriksen Cycles, Steamboat Springs CO
Best Mountain Bike: Breadwinner Cycles
Best Cyclocross Bike: Retrotec & Inglis Cycles
Best Track Bike: Six-Eleven Bicycle Co.
Best Tandem Bike: Co-Motion Cycles
Best Fillet Frame: Ellis Cycles
Best Tig Frame: Kent Eriksen Cycles
Best Layup: Argonaut Cycles
Best Finish:
Independent Fabrication
Best Theme:
SyCip Bicycles
Best New Builder:
Harvey Cycles
President’s Choice:
Peacock Groove
People’s Choice:
Six-Eleven Bicycle Co.
Best in Show:
Argonaut Cycles


#9. 2013 – Denver, Colorado

Best carbon construction: Alchemy Bicycle Co.
Best steel constructio0n: No Award given00
Best road bike: Bishop Bikes
Best lugged frame: Bilenky Cycles
Best experimental design: No Award given
Best TIG frame: Steve Potts Cycles
Best titanium construction: Shared between Kent Eriksen & Black Sheep Fabrication
Best alternative material:  Boo Bicycles
Best city bike: Cherubim by Shin-Ichi Konno
Best mountain bike: Retrotec Cycles
Best cyclocross bike: Mosaic Cycles
Best tandem: Shared between Black Sheep Fabrication & Calfee Design
Best utility bicycle: No Award given
Best track bicycle: Matsuda Cycle Factory
Best finish: Winter Bicycles
Best Theme Bike: Moots
People’s Choice:  Moots
Best new builder: Avery County Cycles
President’s Choice: Level
Best of Show: English Cycles

#8. 2012 – Sacramento, California

Best Alternative Materials Frame: Paketa Magnesium Bikes
Best Carbon Fiber Frame: Alchemy Bicycle Company
Best City Bike: Ira Ryan Cycles
Best City Bike: Muse Cycles
Best City Bike: Shamrock Cycles
Best Cyclocross Bike: 611 Bicycle Co.
Best Cyclocross Bike: Moots
Best Experimental Bike: Black Sheep Fab.
Best Experimental Bike: Ti Cycles Fabrication
Best Fillet Construction: Bishop Bikes
Best Finish: Vendetta Cycles
Best Lugged Construction: Bishop Bikes
Best Mountain Bike: Naked Bicycles
Best Mountain Bike: Pereira Cycles
Best Mountain Bike: Retrotec-Inglis Cycles
Best Road Bike: Demon Frameworks
Best Road Bike: Rex Cycles
Best Steel Frame: Bishop Bikes
Best Steel Frame: Ellis Cycles Inc.
Best Tandem Bike: Kent Eriksen Cycles
Best Tig Construction: Black Sheep Fab.
Best Titanium Frame: Kent Eriksen Cycles
Best Titanium Frame: Steve Potts Bicycles
Best Track Bike: Rebolledo Cycles
People’s Choice: University of the Fraser Valley
President’s Choice: Cherubim by Shin-Ichi Konno
Rookie of the Year: Stinner Frameworks
Best of Show: Cherubim by Shin-Ichi Konno


#7. 2011 – Austin, Texas

Best of Show: DiNucci Cycles
Best Road Frame: Ellis Cycles
Best Track Frame: Six-Eleven Bicycle Company
Best Carbon Fiber: Strong Frames
Best Titanium: Kish Fabrication
Best Fillet Brazing: Dominguez Cycles
Best City Bike: Signal Cycles
Rookie of the Year: Rosene Hand Built Bicycles
Best Off-Road: Black Sheep Fabrication, Inc.
Best Tandem: Kent Eriksen Cycles
Best Steel Frame: Bishop Bikes
Best Lugged Framed: Bilenky Cycle Works
Best TIG welded Frame: Independent Fabrication, Inc.
Best Paint: KirkLee Bicycles
President’s Choice: Anderson Custom Bicycles
People’s Choice: Naked Bicycles


#6. 2010 – Richmond, Virginia

Best of Show: Ellis Cycles
Best Road Frame: Bilenky Cycle Works
Best Track Frame: Richard Sachs
Best Carbon Fiber: Crumpton Cycles
Best Titanium: Kent Eriksen Cycles
Best Fillet Brazing: Kirk
Best City Bike: YIPsan
Rookie of the Year: Aaron Dykstra/Six Eleven
Best Off-Road: Engin
Best Tandem: Calfee
Best Steel Frame: Spectrum Tandem
Best Lugged Framed: Di Nucci
Best TIG welded Frame: De Salvo
Best Paint: Llewellyn
President’s Choice: Cherubim
People’s Choice: YIPsan


#5. 2009 – Indianapolis, Indiana

Best Road Frame: Della Santa
Best Off-Road Frame: Goodrich
Best Track Frame: Cherubim
Best Carbon Fiber Frame: Independent Fabrications
Best Lugged Frame: Ellis/Dave Wages
Best TIG Welded Frame: Carl Strong
Best Fillet Brazed Frame: Mark Nobilette
Best City Bike: MAP
Best Paint: Velocolour
Best of Show: Cicli Polito
People’s Choice: Naked
President’s Award for Excellence: Cherubim


#4. 2008 Portland, Oregon

Best Road Frame: Bruce Gordon
Best Off-Road Frame:
Best Track Frame:
Best Tandem Frame:
Craig Calfee
Best Titanium Frame:
Black Sheep
Best Carbon Fiber Frame:
Nick Crumpton
Best Lugged Frame:
Bruce Gordon
Best TIG Welded Frame:
Mike DeSalvo
Best Fillet Brazed Frame:
Dave Kirk
Best City Bike:
James Ahearne
Best New Builder:
Best Paint:
Brian Baylis
Best of Show: 
People’s Choice: 
President’s Award for Excellence: 


#3. 2007 San Jose, California

Best Road Frame: Tony Pereira
Best Off-Road Frame:
Tony Pereira
Best Track Frame:
Independent Fabrications
Best Tandem Frame:
Best Titanium Frame:
Best Carbon Fiber Frame:
Craig Calfee
Best Lugged Frame:
Brian Baylis
Best City Bike: Ahearne Tony Pereira (Pereira Cycles)
Best Fillet Brazed Frame:
Best New Builder: 
Best Paint: 
Brian Baylis
Best of Show: 
Bruce Gordon
People’s Choice: 
President’s Award for Excellence: 


#2. 2006 San Jose, California

Best Road Frame: Craig Calfee
Best Off-Road Frame:
Craig Calfee
Best Tandem Frame: Co-Motion
Best Titanium Frame: Merlin
Best Carbon Fiber Frame:
Nick Crumpton
Best TIG-Welded Frame:
Best Lugged Frame:
Best Fillet Brazed Frame:
Best New Builder:
Best Paint:
Best of Show:


#1. 2005 Houston, Texas

Best Road Frame: Richard Sachs
Best Off-Road Frame: Nick Crumpton
Best Track Frame:
Richard Sachs
Best Tandem Frame:
Don Walker
Best Titanium Frame:
Best Carbon Fiber Frame:
Best Lugged Steel Frame:
Brian Baylis
Best New Builder:
Bill Ryder
Best Paint:
Brian Baylis & Vanilla
Best of Show:
People’s Choice: