Retrotec & Inglis Cycles


Retrotec started in 1992 when Bob Seals wanted to race his old cantilever frame. This set him on a way to produce quality modern geometry cruiser bikes. I moved to Chico, CA in 1993 to build the Retrotec frames for Bob when his first welder left. Living on the ranch was great, but the Bay Area was calling and with Bob’s blessing I moved the company to San Francisco, CA in 1995. I plugged along in San Francisco, building frames part-time, and experimenting with new Retrotec designs until 1998, when I moved the business to Napa, CA.

Today we have six main Retrotec styles that I build for customers all over the world. I am continually updating the geometry as riding styles and tire sizes change every time I blink. If someone had told me in 1993 that my “summer job” would last this long, I don’t think I would have believed it.



I launched Inglis Cycles in 1996 while living in San Francisco, CA. I was sharing a live-work space with the Sycip brothers South of Market and wanted to offer a more traditional straight tube frame in addition to Retrotec. After extensive market research and a focus group, I decided to cash in on my last name for this brand… or I couldn’t think of a clever name, so I stuck with my last name. Whatever the case, here we are twenty years later.

With both types of frames, I can offer customers just about anything they would want. Thank you for your interest in my bikes and I hope to see you at the show. – Curtis

Bikes & Products
Retrotec Twin Seatmast Cross Bike:

This was a fun project. I thought I had dodged the seatmast bullet, but i finally had a customer that talked me into making one for him.

Retrotec 29+:

Retrotec 29+ built around a rigid-only fork.

Inglis 27.5+ Funduro™:

Inglis Mountain Bike

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