Kirk Frameworks Co.

Since 1989 the design and building of ever-better bicycles has been the thing that motivates me out of bed, and to my work bench, five days a week. In 2003 I launched my own one-man company, Kirk Frameworks, to allow me to continue to work toward the ideal bike.

I feel just as strongly about providing professional customer service as I do about making a bike fit, ride and look as it should – this means calls and emails are returned and delivery deadlines are met. I like to think of my work as a blend of science and art and at the same time I’m not in any way a temperamental artist who only works on your bike when the mood strikes me. I am a full time professional framebuilder and this has been my focus for decades.

I build bikes in small numbers and each bike is made-to-measure and this allows me to really get to know the person I’m building for…and this in turn allows me to make the bike truly fulfill the owner’s wants and needs.

I hope you will stop into my booth to say hello, look at a few examples of my work, and talk about bikes and riding them.


Bikes & Products
David Kirk – thank you all.:

Thank you all for making NAHBS 2017 possible and of course for recognizing the fruits of my labor. I hope to see you soon.


David Kirk Gothic fillet frame set –:

I’m excited to show this one-off Gothic fillet frame set at the show this weekend. Stop by the booth and take a look….or if you can’t make it to the show please stop by my website and take a look at the bikes I offer –


David Kirk Frameworks – Onesto stainless road bike.:

I’m looking forward to having NAHBS in my rear view mirror so that I can bring this Onesto home, my first new road bike is many years, and finally take it out and get it dirty.

Kirk Frameworks – JK Special road bike.:

This JK Special, like every bike I build, is made-to-measure for its owner. It’s painted in Gios Blue and built up with Sram Red eTap, 3T cockpit and HED wheels.

Kirk Frameworks – Terraplane seat stays.:

Every Kirk road bike can be built with optional curved Terraplane seat stays. The Terraplane stays are a continuation of the work I did while head of R&D at Serotta that resulted in the patented Hors Categorie road bike. The aim of both Hors Cat and the Terraplane is to keep the rear tire in firm and consistent contact with the pavement which results in better stability while descending, cornering hard or standing and sprinting. Each pair of stays is custom bent to match the size and weight of the rider and the desired use of the bike and they give a small amount of vertical compliance which helps keep the rear tire stuck to the floor. It does not move at all on smooth roads but when the rear wheel encounters sharp bumps or cracks in the pavement the rear end of the frame can absorb the bump and not let the tire bounce. The feeling it gives is one of calm and hunkered-down security. Corners can be taken at higher speeds without feathering the brakes. Not only do they make the bike quicker around corners but more importantly they make it more fun. I’ll have two Terraplane equipped bikes in my booth. Please stop in and take a look.

Kirk Frameworks Onesto.:

The Onesto is a fully stainless steel lugged road frame and fork set based on the JK Special. Like every Kirk it comes with a made-to-match fork and not a generic one-size-fits-all out of a box fork. It rides like only steel can and doesn’t need a drop of paint. I’ll have an Onesto in the booth in SLC and look forward to everyone seeing it in the flesh.

Kirk Frameworks – stainless Onesto.:

The Onesto is a 100% stainless road bike that can be had with no paint or partially painted as an accent. This bike will be in my booth in SLC – please stop in and see it in person.

Kirk Frameworks – Roma.:

The Roma is a very limited edition build that was designed to look like the bikes we grew up with while being fully modern. It’s decked out in all silver Athena and Gios Blue and ready to pile the miles on.

Kirk Frameworks – design philosophy.:

If there is one piece that best represents my design philosophy it has to be my rear dropouts – the Triple F dropout. The name “Triple F” stands for “Form Follow Function” and this the guiding principle used when designing everything from the Triple F dropout to my curved Terraplane seat stays to complete bikes.

The dropout is designed to be the strongest, lightest, stiffest, easiest to clean and most simple dropout ever made. They are as short as possible to keep the assembly as light and stiff as can be (long plate drops in effect substitute heavy and flexible plate for light and stiff tubing) and are devoid of fussy engraved details and sharp corners that only attract dirt and cause stress risers. Simplicity.

The Triple F dropouts join the other proprietary Kirk parts (chain stays, seat stays, fork blades, brass cable adjusters, curved Terraplane stays..etc) in making a Kirk a Kirk. Simple, clean, efficient and proven designs can be found in every part of every Kirk.

Kirk Frameworks – JK Special Classic.:

This JK Special is built with the optional shock absorbing Terraplane seat stays and is assembled with Sram Red, a Deda and Fizik cockpit and Fulcrum Racing wheels. The JK Special, named after my father John Kirk, is the result of decades of design and building of high end steel road bikes. Custom drawn chainstays, seat stays, and fork blades fine tune the ride and give the bike a wonderful combination of the feel of classic steel and the handling and ride of a modern race bike.

Kirk – Pinewood Derby.:

Not really bike related in any way but a bit of fun nonetheless. This is a Pinewood Derby car that I made for my friend and fellow framebuilder Carl Strong’s Derby birthday party a few years back. It’s a tubular space frame with stressed skin and the nut brazed to the back pulls a double duty as ballast as well as portraying Carl behind the wheel.

It was built to compete in the stock weight class and I’m proud to say it was the winner. It was a great night with cool cars and even cooler people.

Kirk Onesto.:

The Onesto is a stainless steel frameset built with a proprietary mix of Reynolds 953 tubing, stainless lugs by Llewellyn and of course stainless Kirk Triple F dropouts. It can be had with a full frosty finish or with partial paint to give it a splash of color.

Kirk – JK Special road bike.:

This lugged JKS road racer is built up with Campy Record and HED wheels.

Kirk JK Special Road bike.:

The JK Special road bike is named after my father John Kirk who sadly passed away when I was young but not before he assembled the coolest bike a young boy could have. I won’t use this space to tell you the story but if you are interested I urge you to read about it here on my website –

Here’s a very recent example of a JKS in its natural habitat.

Kirk Fillets with Pegoretti paint.:

This is a very special project built and painted as the client’s homage to the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a fillet brazed frame with curved Terraplane seat stays and special paint done by my friend Dario Pegoretti. You can see the calling-out of the bridge design features in Dario’s paint and how well it matches the bridge itself. A huge thanks to Franco for commissioning the work and for Dario for his stellar paint work.

Kirk Fillet Fat Bike.:

A fillet brazed Fat Bike on the snow in its natural habitat high in the Bridger mountains Bozeman Montana. Frosty ice-blue paint by the one and only Joe Bell.

Kirk JK Special wide-road.:

This is a JK Special designed to fit 30+mm road tires for use on both paved and unpaved roads. It’s built with HED wheels and Shimano Di2 drivetrain.

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