Renovo Hardwood Bicycles – Aerowood

Renovo Aerowood - Hollow Framed Aerodynamic Wooden Road BikeWind-cheating frame aerodynamics usually come at the expense of long-ride comfort, not so with the smooth ride of the Aerowood’s hollow wood frame.

This Aerowood is a stock model, with a simple but beautiful pairing of figured Maple and Bubinga woods. This model was an evolutionary pairing of our Pursuit road bike and Hoodoo Triathlon model; adding the latter’s aerodynamic frame profiles to the “comfort-race” geometry of our Pursuit.

Our standard offerings for this model are Ultegra and Dura-Ace Di2, though the frame will also accept eTap and internal wiring for Campy and the upcoming FSA electronic drivetrains-no mechanical shifting allowed on this bike.

Believe it or not, this is the less flashy of two Aerowoods we’ll be bringing to the Salt Palace next month! We’ll be showing a number of wooden road bike options along with our do-it-all drop bar bike and mountain bikes.



Renovo Aerowood - Hollow Framed Aerodynamic Wooden Road Race Bike

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