The making of a Titanium Fat Bike.


I recently finished the construction phase of a titanium Fat Bike.  Here are  a few shots of the process.


ultimate fat bike

Blaze Fat Bike #BBW

As per usual I stared with a BikeCAD drawing.  I like it a lot, it can be tricky to model the bends and the rear triangle.  Off to the races!


Here is the rear triangle in the jig.  I often start this way unless I’m also building a fork for the bike. The siding PMW dropouts and the amazing 5 inch yoke are installed.  I love the shape this makes.


Boom dropped in the down tube.  I just don’t have good pics for the bending process. Part of the problem of being a one man operation in not have somebody to take you picture


Now with a top tube.  At this point the frame got tacked and then welded.  I like to point out the the “braze ons” where installed first/


Seat stay are an important feature.  Here you can see an s-bend made with Anvil’s Bender.  In the end I did a triple bend on these to make room for the disc break rotor.


Here it is all welded up!  I think it turned out well.


Added a seat stay bridge for some more stiffness.


Plenty of clearance in there and it all sits even.


Last but not least a bit of #weldporn.

I’m working on the finish of the bike, stay tuned!  See them all at NAHBS!





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