The Icon PDX showcases CIRCA’s unique ability to laser etch permanent graphics into our anodized aluminum finishes.

The CIRCA Icon PDX is a laser-etched celebration of all things Portland. The Icon PDX project started with the desire to take our versatile frame-building platform and begin pushing the limits of expression and attitude from a visual standpoint. Since the spring, we’ve been quietly working on our laser-etching capabilities, which allows us to embed incredibly durable, detailed graphics right into the metal of our anodized aluminum frames.

Leveraging some of the graphic genius available in Portland, the Icon PDX tells a distinctly Portland story full of caffeine, yeti’s, bridges and beards. The hot pink and black color combo reminds us a little of a certain donut shop around here (but it wasn’t really our primary inspiration). Besides, you can choose whatever colors you want. That’s half the fun with our super-customizable frame-building platform.

Starting with CIRCA’s super-versatile frame platform, you can work with us to customize your Icon PDX bike package to create a wide range of bike types, from drop-bar, derailleur-driven road machines to internally-geared city bikes. Our frames are also Gates Carbon Drive compatible, as shown with this super-clean single-speed build.

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