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NAHBS Women's Series: Cycling As Sport: How to prepare for your first competition

As a cyclist, it's inevitable to be curious about competing. Your friends and riding partners might dabble in it or spend every weekend pinning a number to their jersey. You might be thinking "maybe just once, for fun", but are hesitant to pull the trigger. From cyclocross and triathlons, to gravel events, and even the local Saturday morning club ride, competition is fun, social, and healthy. In this seminar, our panelists will discuss their personal experiences around competing and offer tips on how to prepare yourself, physically and mentally, for your first competition.

Panelists Include:

Ellen Noble, Professional Cyclocross Racer for Aspire Racing, Professional Road Racer for Team Colavita-Bianchi
Lauren LeClaire, Professional Road Racer for Levine Law Group and a coach with Pedal Power Training Solutions
Emily Kachorek, Professional Cyclocross Racer for Squid Bikes