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Craft Manufacturing: How to preserve the history, the present and the future of the bicycle industry in the USA

Brief history of bicycle manufacturing that now leads to craft manufacturing in America, and highlights of taking craft manufacturing to the next level by making not just the frame and fittings but the majority of parts. (The Cmith family of parts are: Front hub, handlebar, stem, seat post, fork, Head Tube fittings, cranks, belt guard, frame couplings for belt insertion, bottom bracket and fittings, and our own HD cruiser seat.) When other American made products such as the rims by velocity are included the Emory bicycle ends up with the highest American content of American made parts and frame of any bicycle currently available.

Clayton Emory Smith II of Cmith Manufacturing Companies, LLC was born into a bicycle industry family. He is a graduate of Jacksonville University and served as an officer in the Army until 1976. After serving his country, Clayton returned to his bicycle industry roots and started working with his father and uncle to produce the first Emory Bicycle. He has been the owner of 2 bicycle retail stores and is an engineer and tool & die maker.