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Bike Builders & Manufacturers Growth Opportunities vs. Risk

  • Meeting Room 301 400 J Street Sacramento (map)

We all want to grow our business. How can we increase volume, meanwhile maintain quality, cap costs, and reduce risk? Q&A opportunities as time allows.

Speaker Bio:

Come meet Lora Van Dixhorn, President of ISU, Insurance Services of Westlake, a highly respected insurance broker for the bicycle industry since 1985. She insures hundreds of bicycle and bike parts manufacturers, custom and mass-produced, pedal and electric, all materials from steel to exotic, tandem and 15 passenger bikes. Are you considering expanding your product line to include electric assist, wood bikes, other products, or importing parts and bikes, subcontracting out work? Thinking about adding a coffee shop in the front, beer in the back, or just gathering groups for rides? Opportunities can bring more income, though we must consider additional risk they involve. Who is liable? Is it easily insurable? Will costs truly be lower? How can you reduce the risk involved? This thought provoking hour will open your mind, settle some questions you have, and raise others you haven’t considered. Don’t miss this opportunity!